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Clinton Lake, KS and Sioux City North, SD

May 18th, 2020 by Chris Taulborg

We finally are ready to move into the RV! First, we finished selling off the rest of our "not needed" stuff. The last of our non-RV items we took to my wife's dad's farm.

Moving day

Our first stay was at a KOA in Lawrence Kansas. We took advantage of this location to make the final back and forth trips between home to make pickup loads of our stuff as well as getting settled in. One of the first tasks was creating a desk in my "office". This is one mega-sized RV! We can fit almost too much in it, although there are few odd items that we still need to figure out storage locations for (such as the piano).

Desk installation
Piano setup

Also, we love this RV. It is seriously like a house! Not only does it have TWO bathrooms, it also has a washer and dryer - which is crazy amazing. I honestly can't believe we made it so long in the "one room" Airstream. As much as I enjoyed the adventures in Stella, this truly is a luxury in comparison and will be much better for our sanity and longevity on the road.

Wowza, this thing is big!
An a standalone washer and dryer (only washer shown here) -- get out! Love it.


Clinton Lake State Park

Our next stop was very close by at Clinton Lake State Park, near Lawrence KS. We spent more time organizing and figuring things out in the RV, testing our Solar setup, and also seeing just how long we can get away without needing to drain our tanks - we made it fairly comfortably for 5ish days, and thought we could have stretched it out a couple more without much effort - success!

Our awesome site at Clinton Lake State Park near Lawrence, KS
What a great spot!
Bike riding through the state park


Sioux City North (KOA), South Dakota

After Clinton, we stopped up at my dad's for a few days, and then continued onward North towards South Dakota. We made the decision that we are going to domicile in that state, and so we need to get our driver's license, mailing address, license plates and all other legal / tax matters moved over. Luckily they make it pretty easy, and to make it even more painless we are utilizing YourBestAddress.com to handle most of it.

On our way to Sioux Falls, we stopped for 4 days at the KOA in Sioux City North (which happens to be on the South Dakota side of the city). While at Sioux City, we had a great time enjoying the various activities at the KOA (it was Memorial Day weekend), and I also was lucky enough to find a gem of a mountain bike trail at Bacon Creek Park - definitely recommend it if you're passing through!

Me clearly enjoying the various activities at the Sioux City North KOA


Doug McCall
2 months, 2 days ago
OK. Size does not mean as much to Ebby and me, but it is huge! But the washer and dryer.........I want that!
ChrisDoug McCall
1 month, 4 weeks ago
Yes, it's pretty amazing to have them! I can't believe we survived 3 years in the Airstream without them haha!

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