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Leveling, Interior Wall, and Rear Bed

March 18th, 2017 by Chris Taulborg

Bright early saturday mornings with perfect weather are a great way to kick off the weekend. Combine that with leveling your trailer so you can finally start building out interior walls and structures and you've got yourself a real dill of a pickle.

To level the airstream, I used my Tundra truck jack and some scrab boards/leveling bricks I had laying around - I was nervous about this process but it went pretty darned easy.

I got it plumb level in no time!

Before installing or building anything I decided to use SketchUp to design and plan out each area of the project. For the rear bedroom area we decided to go with a twin-sized bed on one side with a desk setup on the other so I could use the space as a work room and in the evenings we could treat the bed as a daybed/couch:

Finally after weeks of work we were able to cut and install our first wall! This went pretty easily as we kept all of the old interior walls and were able to use them as templates. I also reused the old metal F channel (which you can purchase at brunnerent.com if you need extra) which riveted back in with ease. Looking pretty good so far!

The next thing I did was build out the bed frame and structure. 2x2s and plywood make for easy building. For the curves we used cardboard boxes as templates.

A typical Saturday night: Home Depot lumber run.

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