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Zion National Park, Utah

April 7th, 2019 by Chris Taulborg

Zion has to be in our top 2 favorite parks (it's currently between here and Glacier). It is amazingly beautiful, inspiring, and a blast to roam through. My wife first visited Zion over 4 years ago on a solo trip. We then came back as a family the following Spring (our first real trip in Stella, pre-remodel!). That year, our son hiked up to the "base" of the final stretch of Angel's Landing, which was super awesome as we didn't expect him to make that hike at all given his age (he was 5 at the time).

We ended up staying at the Zion Canyon Campground, as we did 3 years ago. This time, we got a back in site close to the river, which was awesome! We were able to hear the roaring water throughout the day and throughout the night. The site was a little sloped, but we were able to make it work. The views out our door weren't too shabby either :).

The campground had good Verizon and AT&T coverage, which made work go smoothly. They have a pool, which was fun while it was warm the first few days. They also have laundry and an super overpriced general store across the street (like $9 for a tiny pint of ice cream overpriced!). This place is super close to the entrance of the National Park, so close that we walked one of the days during our stay.

Our views at the "lower" area of Angel's Landing weren't too bad either :)

We did several other family hikes throughout the week, and the kids were able to pick up their Junior Ranger badges as well. The ranger presentation was also super interesting, as she discussed the various types of geology local to the area, from the Grand Canyon to Zion to Bryce Canyon. Apparently the sands that eventually formed the canyons we see today came all the way from the ancient Appalachian Mountains - crazy!

It was so windy through this slot canyon!

"Keep your hand on the wall!!!"

Playing by the river

I've decided to angrily drink from all local springs we visit.

I probably should have brought more than 3 bottles of water, as I was pretty parched and running low on fluids around mile marker 18. Luckily, the last 6 or so miles was pretty much all downhill, which was both amazingly fun and speedy to get back!

The day before we left, I rode a smaller segment of the same ride (~17 miles) at semi-top speed. It was fun to burn off the cobwebs and push myself.


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